DISVINDER MAGNIFIQUE ESTHETIQUE was establish Since 2017, is known as Malaysia-Aesthetic distributor of Revitacare



With more years of experience in Beauty industry. Niki Disvinder explore herself in pharmaceutical with combination of Business Management system to help customer for expanding & enhance branding their business. She experience and convinced that cellular biology is the secret to fighting the effects of aging and she founded REVITACARE brand. To date our expertise and competence to develop high performance Mesotherapy & dermapen formula are recognised with a combination of REVITACARE as a key factor of anti-aging aesthetic medicine.


To be obvious choice and preferred distributor of top quality in Aesthetic field. Beauty technology and product which provide and encompassing beauty and creation solution to enable us to achieve this vision as we believe in building partnership with our clients that reach far deeper than the delivery of products. It is our quest to add value to your business. It is our goal to ensure that customer will satisfied with the result.


Create an unforgettable and compelling experience for customers with indisputable results.

Our team of trainers and professional are committed to quality in all aspects of our business with provided aesthetic training and knowledge. Our mission is to be distributed and expanding aesthetic treatment in all over Malaysia market including our neighbourhood country. Asia Pacific.

Beauty Starts

With The Quality Of The Skin

Years go by stress, hormonal imbalances and external aggression’s such as sun, cold and pollution play a negative role on the quality of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles appears, skin becomes thinner, duller and loses its elasticity due to the loss of hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin. REVITACARE developed a complete range of BOOSTER based on non cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid to preserve and restore the physio logical quality of the skin by promoting the conservation of its elasticity and protecting against external aggressions.